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About us

LibraX is an identity verification platform for developers. LibraX use ML and Computer Vision Solution and enable developers to build real-time identity verification applications.

LibraX is built with security and data privacy in mind. Data in transit and at rest is protected through AES-256 encryption. LibraX process personal information in compliance to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). LibraX authenticates your requests using your keys. If the key is missing or incorrect in your request, LibraX will not process the request and return an unauthenticated error.

Our APIs

ID verify

Best for ID verification, age check and name match.

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Advanced Verify

Best for new customer onboard, KYC and other financial service use cases.

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Biometrics Verification and other customized solutions.

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POST /id/verify

"result": {
"IDStatus": true,
"IDType": "NYC Identification Card",
"Expired": true,
"Age": 25,
"errors": []

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